Risk of the Month: Water risk

29 augusti 2018

Hi risk managers, supply chain managers and business strategists,
it's time to assess your organization's WATER RISK!

Before doing so, I strongly recommend to read the fresh report "Maneuvering towards a water safe future", jointly issued by Storebrand and Norwegian Church Aid.

The report states interestingly that "the general pattern that emerges regarding the impact of climate change on water resources is that areas already receiving abundant rainfall will likely get even more, whereas relatively dry areas are set to become even drier.", it describes the important distinction between physical water risk (too much/too little water) from regulatory water risk (e.g., increase of water prices) and reputational water risk (e.g., society dislikes producers with high water consumption), it lists tools to help assess water risk, and it outlines opportunities while mitigating water risk.

Overall, a very interesting and giving report! Again, strongly recommended!