Supplier Risk Management - A Possible Project Plan

Ansgar Toscha
15 juni 2018

Planning and starting off with improvement initiatives in risk management (RM) is not easy since it requires experience and often affects large parts of the organization, if not the whole. This challenge is even valid for initiatives in Supply Chain RM and Supplier RM and causes uncertainty at stakeholders when starting such activities. In some cases, necessary initiatives in these areas are not launched at all, or too late.

In one of my latest projects on supplier disruption risk, I put together an overall project plan, among other, with timeline and main activities. This project plan is built on my own experience and good and best practices and may serve as a starting point for larger companies to plan their initiatives in this field. Therefore, I would like to share this with you since I think this tool might lower possible mental barriers for getting started.

As always in risk management, there is no one-size-fits-all-solution even for this. Hence, the presented plan needs to be adapted to your organization's individual needs, both in terms of timeline and main activities. Good luck!

For the free download of the project plan, click here